4.00 – Taxonomy of Clocks

Last Update: 08-09-2022 @ 06:34

How to Classify Clocks?

This section is about classifying and naming old clocks. I first reviewed the literature on the subject: web, encyclopedias, repair manuals, catalogs, and other clockmaking guides. I have found no uniformity in the naming of clocks except for the major categories: floor, wall, tablet, desk, portable, etc. Also, I looked at online websites of old clocks. Many sellers advertise their clocks by misnaming them, even in specialized antique sites. For example, I have often seen an antique wall clock advertised as a grandfather clock. People think it must be a grandfather clock if it’s old. Therefore, I decided to revisit the classification of clocks.
I propose a new comprehensive taxonomy in ten points of view or categories illustrated with images primarily from my clock collection, private clock owners, and photos taken during my shopping sessions. I also want to thank the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian Clock Museum for the right to use some of their images. Finally, I took images mostly on Creative Commons, following their attribution rules.

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