Humpback vintage clock
Seth Thomas Medbury Humpback Image ID230: All rights reserved, Bordloub

Illustrated is a German-made Seth Thomas Medbury with
Westminster chime from the late 1950s. It has a longextended base, and the movement and dial are in the middle. Many do not know how to name this type of clock. Some call it Drum or Tambour, others Napoleon’s Hat, and others Camelback or Humpback. Let’s eliminate the term Drum or Tambour right away because the middle part doesn’t have a drum shape, and this part forms a whole with the base. On either side, we’re dealing with a slope extending to the base’s ends. Napoleon’s hat, then? No, there are no edges like on a hat. So, it’s better to call it Camelback or Humpback.
You may choose either.

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