Granddaughter clock
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The Floor Short-case clock is between 3,5 and 4,5 ft. (1.067 m and 1,372 m) high.
The first short-case began in the 1770s when Simon Willard introduced a case smaller than a tall case that was named Dwarf clock because it was generally 4 feet high. Therefore, they were cheaper to produce. Some put it in the Grandmother category, but the Dwarf clocks are smaller.
In the wake of the Grandfather and Grandmother clock, another name, the Granddaughter clock, was eventually adopted.
Illustrated, a 1910s Sessions movement clock about a meter (39 in.) high follows the style of grandfather or grandmother clocks. Its movement is the same as the movements found in mantle clocks. It is a spring-loaded movement with a Bim-Bam strike. The case is made of pine softwood. The door on the front is not of much use since the inside of the case is hollow. Chances are that this clock was in a children’s room and was probably homemade.

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