The Black Forest holzgespindelte (Wood face clock)
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At first, it was farmers who, during the long days and nights of winter, began carving wood in the early 18th century, inspired, according to tradition, by a wooden clock imported from Bohemia. Thus, many eventually preferred clockmaking to the culture of the land. The dials of these clocks were hand-painted, often by the wives of these clockmakers, inspired by the nature surrounding them. This type of clock is called “holzgespindelte” after the wooden coils that served as trees on the train of time. This type of construction is called “Stollen-Uhr.” These clocks were made in the Black Forest Lackschil area. It’s hard to date, but the illustrated one is from about 1860 to 1870. It would be functional, but I still must find a pendulum and weights and an alarm mechanism absent from it. It is unique because the small drawings on all four corners are different, not the norm. They represent each of the seasons. It is a twoweight wall clock with movement plates in wood and gears in bronze. A bronze dial is in the middle of the dial to set the time of awakening. Above the wooden case, there is a large bell. The needles and dial are in solid brass.

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