Cuckoo clock
Bellows Wall Chalet Cuckoo Image ID092: All rights reserved, Bordloub

All the cuckoo clocks belong to this sub-category, mostly made in the German Black Forest and the Quail and Trumpeter clocks. The sound imitating a cuckoo, a quail, or even a trumpet is produced by the air pumping out of two wood bellows. There are a variety of cuckoos: the traditional one, a small hut surrounded by tree leaves, and on top, a bird; the hunting cuckoo, a deer and two rifles on top, and on the side, two games, a hare and a partridge; the Black Forest chalet with a sloping roof and the presence of firs or people framing the dial
(The Lötscher Co., Zurich, Switzerland, developed the style in 1920); the Bahnhäusle (Railway Station) cuckoo owes its origin to a competition set up in 1850 by the School of Clockmaking of the Grand Duchy of Baden in Furtwangen, in the Black Forest. Friedrich Eisenlohr, a railway architect, submitted a cuckoo proposal inspired by the architecture of the railway stations (Bahnhausle) installed along the railway called Kuckucksbunhnel, in the Rhine Valley.
Eisenlohr won the competition, and Johann Baptist Beha (1854) built them; other more sophisticated cuckoos have animations and music, such as a lumberman cutting wood, dancers like the one illustrated, etc.

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